About us


Founder of Sun People Co. Holly Tong

I’m Holly, Sun People Co.’s founder.
Our inspiration to start Sun People Co. was an old vintage sun tent I picked up second-hand and have used for many summers. It was nostalgic of the colourful vintage shades and umbrellas that covered beaches back in the 50’s and 60’s. Our L'Ombra sun tent is an adaption of this original find.

We have designed our tents with the environment in mind, and to last like they used to: plastic/synthetic free, 100% cotton canvas and trim, sustainably sourced wooden poles and tensioners, sturdy metal pegs etc. We even worked with our manufacturer to ensure minimal fabric waste in production, this has been achieved through adaptions in our pattern to make the most of every cut.

The harsh sun in Australia and New Zealand is a great reason to seek shade. We love the practicalities our L'Ombra Sun Tent provides, set up for a day at the beach, the park or your own backyard. A private nook to read a book, cosy up with a loved one, take an afternoon nap or shelter from the breeze. Our sun tents are the perfect outdoor accessory.

We absolutely love summer, and the connection to family and friends it brings. Our family has spent precious time on the Italian coast, we love the endless rows of brightly striped shade canvasing the beaches there, that tiny piece of rented real estate where you can base yourself for “un giorno al mare”. Don’t forget a spritz in hand! Il dolce far niente!

Designed by me in sunny Gisborne, New Zealand, the first city in the world to see the sun each day.